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December 12, 2003

this has got to be one of the best low profile fridays i've ever had. as soon as i stepped out of the office, everything was marvy because i wasn't expecting too much from my friday. i had lunch with joy- i felt special cos she came by to pick me up even though she still hasn't showered. gross no? my friends love me. anyway later on that night, i passed by ateneo alone to catch the start of this free concert and ended up watching spongecola and cambio. not bad. i wanted to ask diego mapa if monsterbot still plays, but he packed up and left. kate came to watch also, but i didn't see her cos i left for a get together at pattie's house in valle 4.

at first i was thinking twice about going to the dinner, cos apparently all the people going were citibank lunch buddies before i joined citi, and a good number of them had left already. anyway, i had a great time just hanging out at pattie's amazing house. you know its serious when you have morrocan lamps hanging from a fresco painted ceiling. kathlyn's used to be my favorite for the longest time, but now this one is a serious contender. the first classy house i've been to that's not just show, but genuinely homey in its entirety. now that's a combination. its not just about the place though, tonight i really enjoyed the company! now i really wish i worked with them before the shitheads left. damn you.

afterwards i caught up with old friends at eastwood. fun times! i really think jaymee duenas and joey castillo should make a love-team comeback. hear hear.

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  1. i second the motion. patty has the nicest homiest house in the world! oh yes, that's how much i love lovine but i love the gyudon i had at ajisen ramen more hehehe

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