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It's Not Recording

May 21, 2010

My heart just imploded and my head exploded at the same time.

I'm sure you cats have experienced that feeling when you're just about over a mini-tragedy, and have come to accept it for what it is. And then some twist of fate quietly slaps you in the face, and you realize that there may be a shining solution to your tragedy, that the terrible can be turned inside-out into something truly amazing. And you try your best to keep your feet on the ground as you slowly retrace your steps in order to fully evaluate the situation. It all boils down to that one moment when you find out the truth.

Time slows down to a crawl and the world outside your peripheral vision ceases to exist. And as your heart swells with anticipation and hope, it gets slayed wide fucking open by a small technicality, a small truth that destroys the very fabric of your day.

Count till ten, and the world is still the same as it was thirty seconds ago. And in a twisted way, that's a really good thing.

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