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FB Farty

April 1, 2010

I feel really detached lately, and have no life outside of work and a small number of people I keep tabs on. It's hard to pretend that I'm fine, blabbing away in this quiet corner of space, while everyone else is enjoying the party. And so after careful thought and preparation my friends, I finally bit the bullet.

I am on Facebook.

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6 comments on “FB Farty”

    1. (1:43:55 PM) Mystery Friend: yo, albert whu facebook requested me ...
      (1:43:58 PM) Mystery Friend: i denied his ass
      (1:44:11 PM) Mystery Friend: haha
      (1:44:13 PM) Lovine: HAHAHAHAHAHAHA
      (1:44:23 PM) Lovine: you just made my day HAHAHA
      (1:44:29 PM) Mystery Friend: hha

      1. hahaaa!! He was on a rampage the other day. I think he friended like 15-20 people. So random. You know you love him and his vaseline toes though ;)

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