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28 going 30

December 18, 2009

I was walking the dog this morning, when the security guy pulls up right beside me. "You're Gopez right??", and I say yeah what's up. He says he was wondering who this kid was, and thought it might be that Gopez kid but that I usually had my glasses on, and going out on my scooter or the 'hippie van'. Chatted a little bit, asked me what LMU was on my sweatshirt and told him about Loyola Marymount and how I graduated in '03. Then his eyes got wide. 2003?? I told him I'm 28, and that's when he totally shat himself and couldn't believe it. And that girl who rides with you on the back of your scooter? Yeah she's 25.

"All this time I thought you were just a kid who got out of high school!"

Exactly. Like that time I took Kat to my company Christmas party; we were the only ones carded at the bar and I joked to everyone that Kat was a senior in HS with a fake ID, and thought I was taking her to my prom. ;)

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