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Year: 2012

This American Life. I love your voice.

Desert Stars

Hello, Milky Way

Oh hello, Milky Way.

Fantastic view from our campsite last weekend, as seen from Cottonwood Canyon in Death Valley NP.
Highly suggest viewing a larger version here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/lovine/7120745483/in/photostream/lightbox/

This is one of the many reasons why I look forward to isolation. There exists several worlds apart from the one we are accustomed to, and the moment we choose to open our eyes, we begin to pick up the hazy edges of our own existence and realise that we are both insignificant and therefore extremely special at the same time.

It makes more sense at the edges. Listen to the silence. Look into the darkness. Give your thanks.

Deep Fried Bacon

Breakfast of Champions
Breakfast of the Walking Dead

Cetaceans are NOT Pets

I am a generally peaceful guy, but there are a few things that I find very bothersome. One of which, is the systematic exploitation of intelligent animals. To add salt to injury, this is done through seeding misinformation and exploiting the pockets of hard working families in the guise of conservation and education in a fun-filled family weekend.

Am I entertaining you enough?

I cannot fathom ANY educational merit to keeping these large magnificent animals in small holding pens and making them work for food. Are the sparse infographics scattered around the park enough to really impart any depth of knowledge to anyone who reads them? Does 98% of the guests who filter through the park depart with a greater respect and understanding of cetaceans? When they jump out of the water, do kids realize that these are highly sophisticated social animals that communicate in their own dialects, and swim hundreds of miles in the open sea? That their lives are greatly shortened in captivity? That some of them were taken forcefully from their parents in the wild? When a parent buys a plush Shamu ™ for her kids, all it does is cheapen their soul and commoditize our disrespect for the world in general.

Kat and I joined the rest of our family on an outing to SeaWorld, and expected the worst. She does not want me to disclose this, but she wept openly as soon as the orcas entered the waters of the show. I am never taking my children to a place like that. The only time I will be back, is to protest outside their gates and get handcuffed while wearing a Shamu outfit.

Teach children the truth, because that is the least that they deserve. Go to the Monterey Bay Aquarium instead - that's where real people go.

More information here:

  • http://www.savethewhales.org/captivity/
  • http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Captive_killer_whales#Dorsal_fin_collapse
  • http://theorcaproject.wordpress.com/2011/03/14/exclusive-interview-former-seaworld-trainer-samantha-berg-2/
  • http://theorcaproject.wordpress.com/2011/10/13/video-captivity-vs-wild/#more-3322
  • My Morning Commute

    Hello, Alaska

    This is categorically the most amazing view I've ever had outside a plane window - second only to that green wisp of Aurora Borealis I met for the first time, on a solo trip in 2003. This trip of course, came with a price to pay in the form of a 12-hour delayed connecting flight. I would do it again only if I had the rest of my team with me.

    Tired, but I need to keep prepping myself that the mission has yet to begin. Bring it on.

    Four Months After

    Published our wedding website last week for friends and family:

    We'll be having a small reception for folks in the US, and are still planning a shebang for Manila sometime later this year. If you are very special, you might even get to see a few easter eggs at the site:

    As usual, we built everything from the ground up - Kat did the wonderful illustrations and I coded the nerd end of the site. Since this is the first time we've done anything like this, any comments are appreciated ;)

    Hydrating at 9,600 Feet

    Greetings from Colorado. I'm on my nth bottle of water, trying to keep my head above the altitude sickness that blew my head apart last time I was in Breckenridge for snowboarding last year. The base of the town itself is at 9,600 feet, far higher than what my small lungs are used to. The air is very thin. Sickness has been at bay so far, with only a slight throb and finding myself catching my breath here and there. We boarded today at Vail, which had too many people and long wait on the lifts. But with snow like this, what me worry?

    I think this is a good springboard to get back in shape - I've been particularly negligent about the poking belly I've been starting to nurse over the years, and my poor lung capacity. I really enjoy snowboarding. Cruising fast and bombing through powder, feeling the rush of the wind and the snow scattering underneath your feet. It's surprising to think that I had my first season 5 years ago already, yet there is still so much more to learn, so much more of myself to know and understand. I need to go more often. We always tend to say things that we want to do, but hardly do we take the steps to do them. I hope I'm wrong.

    When we got back in to the lodge today, I tried my first "ice bath". Basically dunking my lower body into a tub of freezing water, to prevent muscle soreness the next day and to make my balls temporarily disappear. Hell. Then we hopped into the outdoor hot tub. Heaven.

    Tomorrow is another day: rinse, and repeat.

    Happy Birthday Eggy

    Alexis Tioseco on ANC Life

    You are my hero. I miss you and I love you!

    Today's Manila Sunset

    Manila Sunset

    Manila Sunset

    Off to Guam for work in a few hours. My liver and my sanity are glad to take a break away from this crazy city.

    Look Outside

    Hello, Manila

    Chances of a beautiful sunset: severe.

    Overheard at the Bar Last Night

    "Where did you get your wedding ring? It looks like it's made of tansan (bottlecap)."

    Commence chaos. Because the jeweler who sold the ring was within earshot.

    Today's Manila Sunset

    Manila Sunset

    Beautiful, every day.

    Would You Like Fries With That?

    I'm not quite sure what to make of those three guys in the local McDonald's a few nights ago. There was a lot of boorish slurring at excessive volume about a stubborn defiance against sin as a social construct, against the ironic shame of sexuality in an increasingly perverse society. One of them had a horrible not-quite-there-yet avant-garde haircut. Real men know that swagger doesn't come from the store in a bottle of hair product.

    The world is a mysterious place sometimes.


    There has been some serious negligence in sitting down and getting my thoughts in order. Several wonderful things are still unfolding across everyone's lives, whether or not we choose to acknowledge them. This space still remains my place of meditation, and my avoidance of sitting down to hash it all out does not signify the lack of anything interesting to ponder on.

    Eat My Balls Ahh
    I love balls.

    I'm now in the lounge of America's Armpit (LAX), en route to another Manila-Guam debacle. With a steady supply of beer and late work nights on the horizon, perhaps we'll come across some new insights and better perspectives on how to make sure 2012 goes down in history as the year that we grab our balls and actually do something with them. Fuck chivalry, no one gets out of life alive. Each day we aspire to to be the best person we can be, is a day spent conquering the world.



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