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Year: 2011

Sand Between Your Tires

Pismo Beach Sand Dunes

I made this a few months ago but never got around to posting it. Toying around with iMovie for the first time, and slapping on a little track I recorded on GarageBand.

When Days Turn into Nights

Philippine Airlines Flight PR104

And nights turn into days.

It's called jet lag.

The generic name of insomnia.

The Brotherhood

Mother Ignacia Brotherhood

Quezon City, reprezent.

Coffee or... ?

I don't want coffee with my Bento Box, so I think I'll have:


Here's a little reference if you're slightly confused.

Hafa Adai

Today's grandiose Saturday afternoon plan is to overdose on caffeine and work till my eyes bleed or they kick me out of the coffee shop, whichever comes first.

Had a very vivid dream last night about some festivities in the desert. I need to get on that ball and work some serious magic.

Did You Know?

Nickel was on TV yesterday!!!

Paul and Kat's New Band

A few clips from our gig last week at Mission Valley Montessori. Let's rock, kids!!

For All We Know

What a Wonderful World

Top of the World

Pride (In the Name of Love)

Three Little Birds

Pictures are here. We had a triple encore, and had a fabulous time. :)

Band name suggestions are welcome in the comments!

Steady Lang

There is no need to make things complicated. All you need to do, is go with the flow, try to be the best person that you can, and everything else follows.

Set your standards where they belong, and never compromise in what you've worked hard to believe in. Try not to sway to the side of stubbornness, and define your limits. To go through that process of understanding yourself, is the least you owe yourself, and would easily be the beacon during times of doubt. The simple philosophies of your life, the religion that you believe in, in the end, will define who you are. When we understand all that's important in our life, everything else follows. Steady lang.

Deal of the Week

Deal of the Week!

Welcome to Best Buy

Having a little too much fun on a giant-sized Android phone! Tablets got nothing on this!

Keeping Cool

Thermostats help you keep cool.

The problem was, it was too cool! Ever since I had the Shitzuki, the temp gauge would always hover below the midline and took forever to warm up the engine. Then a week ago, it started barfing coolant into the reservoir tank - so much that it inched its way past the 'max' line and eventually started spitting out of the reservoir bottle altogether. There were fears of a blown head gasket pushing the coolant out of the radiator, but the coolant looked clean, so hopefully it was a thermostat issue which would be an easier fix than open top-end surgery. So I took the thermostat housing off at work and found the culprit, stuck in the wide open position. Fifteen minutes later, everything is good and well. So far. I'll know for sure when I make my way back home.

Keep it cool, kids.

On the Record

Passport Application

Finally submitted my passport renewal application. The most important part of course is (trying) to look good on a government issued ID that's valid for 10 years. I was on the fence about cutting it but I decided to have big hair on the record until my passport expires when I turn 40.

Imagine? 40 with that smirk and a mop of hair. I wonder if I'll still look (and feel) the same after a decade.

Dirty Thirty

So this is what it feels like to be 30.

I feel darn great. :)

All My Little Plans and Schemes

Hello, Nickel


One of my Carmageddon pictures got featured on the official Flickr Blog:

Found it very flattering. Although I really wish I had the huevotes to eschew my fair judgment and run into the middle of the freeway to take that shot.

Time to Buy Liquor

Time to Buy Liquor

Time to Buy Liquor

I found an iPhone sitting in the gutter as I was parking the scooter across the street to take these photos. It's a really unsettling feeling when you are holding something that isn't yours, which someone is most definitely looking for. I tried to go through the address book and search for "Home", but figured my best bet was to contact the guy who mis-called it a few minutes before I found it. Apparently his wife dropped the phone and was getting very worried. They're lucky the phone wasn't ran over by a truck or fell into the depths of the LA sewer system. He's passing by in a few hours, and I can't wait to give this back to where it belongs.



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