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Year: 2004

sometimes i wish i were back in college. not to study, but to meet more people. not just random people, but more specifically, hot girls! just kidding (ehe!). went to ateneo today to visit pao puno, that guy is "top dog" in my book! among random things, i also went to see sir bernie santos while a cloud of mosquitos ate my legs in HS, and then ran into the sayo sisters taking over the teachers lounge back at college.

this is tracy and erika. they are my good friends, but i really don't understand why. i think thats why i know i loff them :)

starting tomorrow, i'll be interning (somewhat) at the philippine stock exchange. i spent a considerable amount of time trying to crack my double windsor, but its both a bit long and lopsided. this is really frustrating. puh. aside from that, i'm pretty beaver about it! two more weeks, gotta start cracking!

mike benedicto's music is the shit. i cannot get enough of it. where the hell is that bastard. he needs to record more. damn.

i've been researching how to protect myself against bandwidth theft, which is slowly becoming a problem for my calvin and hobbes site. my package with my host only allows up to 2 gigs of data transfer a month, and lately its been pushing 3.3 gigs. screw all these shitheads who steal my bandwidth.

this guy is the champion for my cause, right now:


joey and dima's party this weekend rocked the boat and threw me overboard. the biggest letdown is how the night ended so much sooner than it should've. when gus starts to breakdance, you know the party is just starting. man i need to get my ass into more parties. guaranteed good vibe fun times! pictures are already online, click on the pic for more.

i'm at kuala lumpur right now with king benny. he has a meeting tomorrow and i, the lucky bum schmuck, tagged along. the master plan for tomorrow is to checkout the petronas towers, the tallest building in the world. score!

guess who got carded at dencio's earlier tonight? darn. in other funny developments, check out this shirt i got from people are people. click me!

i bought the most random things today. 75 ft. of video cabling, a piece of water piping for my bidet, a pack of guitar strings, and a harmonica. yes, a harmonica. hey man, for 60php (1usd), how can you go wrong? i also got a contraption that allows you to play without using your hands. pretty useful if you're strumming a guitar, or while driving through manila traffic while avoiding pesky bikers and pedestrians as i demonstrated earlier.. much to the horror of joy, who was my überlucky sidekick for today.

in keeping up with today's events of randomness, therese commissioned me to cut her hair. well, all i really did was a trim, and i got a slice of blueberry cheesecake as a prize. she has balls for letting me cut her hair, me thinks. has she fallen off her rocker?

everything is starting to make sense now. if i don't find a job, i can always resort to playing crap music along the sidewalk. or i can cut your hair for food. maybe tomorrow i'll learn how to breathe fire or walk on broken glass. mmm okay, time to polish up the resume. darn.

so i played a 5th and a 7th

because i had nothing else better to do

killing myself sitting idle

and so i hum a tune or two

hello i said and

the cow said moo


hmm, pretty uneventful weekend at phuket and bangkok. spent a day at each city, and sweated my guts out walking under a blazing midday sun embraced by a cloud of the most humid south east asian air you can imagine. lovely! i scored a shitload of cheap shirts that actually fit me though, which is quite a rarity considering my frame. aside from that, it seemed like i was in a cleaner manila that speaks a different dialect, with chili and peppers on anything edible. it would be nice to come back and do a real thorough combing of the cities though - the heat and humidity really just sapped the life out of me. man, i must be getting old..

tomorrow i'm going to thailand with my dad to accompany him on a business trip. sounds good to me. i still can't get over how intense my batanes trip went. this is all just surreal.

i'm quite curious about this weekend. i've never really been to any other southeast asian country aside from the philippines. well, off we go.

i really don't know what to say. batanes blew me clear off the water, blew me right off my map. i feel like a different person. yikes. those pretty pictures and insane images in your head? that's really no match against what god has hidden up his sleeve. the philippines.. grabe.

i haven't been this excited in a while. i'm off to batanes. this will be great!

if i don't come back, you already know that i love you :)

i might have lost a friend today. it sucks cos she's really cool - unfortunately, a few things came up and she made some decisions, hopefully geared for the better. this feeling of helplessness is not amusing. you just really can't have it all, all the time i guess.

it was great to see therese today though. her new haircut makes her look like a spunky newscaster. cuute!

in a few days, i will be stuffing my trusty backpack and heading up north to batanes for a week. even though there are storms brewing left and right and there's a big possibility that i'll trek up there by my lonesome, i don't really give a shit. i'm thirsty for adventure, and its a good time-out from all the city drama so i can sit out and take pictures of the breathtaking landscapes whilst pausing my existence into a time-space vacuum. rad.

a great chapter comes to a close; today i bid farewell to citibank, and set out for yet another great adventure waiting on the next horizon.

i never really thought i'd have a hard time bidding this gig goodbye. yet i have no qualms because i know that in the end of the day, i did a job that i can be proud of and at the same time met great people (who make everything substantially harder than it should be).. but now i have to move on, and set out what i want to do, what i need to do, what i know i could do.

i try to muster up the right words, but this isn't really cutting it. i never really say goodbye to anyone - we're really just living off each other vicariously.. each one a part of the other, at the same time each instance a part of the next..

and for that, the moments that we've spent together.. for that, i am most thankful.

i love you guys. all of you. :)

sometimes i like talking when no one is listening. but not as much as i like listening when no one is talking. i need a breather. cut the crap, please.

i went to the beach again this weekend, and brought amber along. click on the picture for more! i don't have too much to say this time, i've just been really busy with work and i try to have fun when i can. the drone of everyday life really has this cynical way of creeping up behind you and numbing your senses from all over. once in a while, you really just need to take that break from the picture so you can see it from outside the frame. and that's when i vent on this blog and post lots and lots of pictures. haha!



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