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Year: 2004

all for love - starring mic tatad and gopwet. guaranteed to make your morning, or your money back :)

lovine: monkey monkey anabel..

lovine: how many monkeys do you see?

lovine: and a riki tiki tik

lovine: and a blue black sheep

notoryuz: tangina

notoryuz: nakakairita ung monkey

notoryuz: is it true, yes or no

notoryuz: Y E S ALES!

notoryuz: N o and out you go

lovine: HAHAAHHA!

i don't want to quantify my life by how fat my paycheck is, how many miles i can run, how many beers i can drink. i don't want to count instances, rely on false perceptions of happiness that are fleeting. i don't want to pretend like everyone else, or worse, get so caught up in pretending that it becomes a real manifestation... that soon enough, pretending is all that i would ever know.

an adventure brews along the horizon.

lovine: jo? what does it mean when someone tells you "you're patronizing."

jo: hmmm, i think it's like your insulting them with kindness.

jo: like giving them too much leeway or explanation, hence, implying that they're dumb

lovine: oh shit.

i forget the taste of sweetness, until i had chocolate cake today. i'm really glad that you can always retreat to the simple pleasures of life. everything doesn't have to be so complicated, especially when you're enjoying the moment. moo!

in my head is an influx of convoluted reasons, theories, and mechanisms that is rapidly trying to assemble blocks of my perceived reality in a vapid attempt to make sense of phony structures bolted around my aimlessly wandering life. i may fall on my face and spent countless hours contemplating the metaphysics and meaning of a split-second moment, but in the end i'll always stand up, laugh, brush the dirt, and walk on into the next. right now i wonder if i'm spending more time trying to be careful about my life than trying to actually enjoy it. but like everything else, that thought never really holds itself if i spend an extra second on hindsight.

while i lie wide awake in the middle of the night, the rest of the world sleep gently in their solace.

it took me almost 6 years of annual birthday shindigs and despedidas to realize that holy hot smokin' shit, my friends are hot. and some of them don't mind being thrown onto rock slabs on malibu beach or abandoned graffiti or rolling green hills or live cockroaches while i take random snaps. i wish i could document all my friends right now, while we're all at the peak of our youth.

my mom mentioned that i might inherit her old digital videocam, since she bought a new one. she was having the old one fixed but didn't think it would come out of the operating table alive. but alas, now it's reincarnated to be mine! bwaha ha! so lately, i've been seeing the world in panning camera shots, elemental slow motion and fast cuts. i wonder if i'll be able to make use of this as much as i would like to. i'm such a web-photography-music slut anyway, how much damage would a combination of all do? the molotov cocktail smells closer.

i rode the mechanical bull tonight. i think i did pretty decent, but that's most probably because i'm a flyweight. all's well that ends well. but at the end of the day, all i really want is to be alone in the solace of my bed while the rain drizzles outside. that's not too much to ask. sometimes, i need a timeout. vanish like the rabbit in a hat, the secret ace back up the sleeve, pack my bags up and leave.

i've been wanting to find the answers, but i don't even know the questions. where the hell is the exit sign?

brevior saltare cum deformibus mulieribus est vita

- life is too short to dance with ugly women.

alexis tiosexy is the man. but you already knew that.

spent the weekend at san francisco with one of my best buds kathlyn. what really gets my goat is how everything is so interesting up there, it makes me feel short-changed that i live here in LA. or then again, maybe i just need to brush up on what's happening underneath my big nose, and actually get off my butt and go out. well, in any case, i'm always up for fun times.

took a break from the job search. recorded a new clip called liquor ban. maybe i should rename it to elevator music? or insomniac theater time warp? in any case, i'm having a craving for mister kebab. after all, i'm in the right time zone.

margretg79: ang mahal magpasakal...i mean magpakasal

when i think of getting married, i can hear a guy with long sideburns in a white suit singing in the deep recesses of my mind, leaning his fat ass against a swanky drive-thru chapel. hello, elvis.

i always wish i realized things sooner. looking for a job is about the same stress as looking for a university. this earth is way too big for my small world to comprehend. one small step at a time, i guess.

for those who know, i recently said goodbye to livejournal. i'm not responsible for her life. i did all that i could to help, but its out of my hands. i hope she gets better eventually.

for everything else, there's mastercard. (i don't get it either. it just sounded appropriate.)

funny how the world doesn't provide you with many excuses. it's probably because things are meant to happen the way they do. and i, for one, have acquiesced to the fact that i don't really have any excuses to cover up the quirks in my life. nobody really needs any. and my truth is the least that i can, and will, give. :)

i love late nights. how they amplify the senses, how everything becomes more fragile and meaningful with the silence. ghostbar in palms hotel at vegasyou get lost in whatever you're trying to do, and everything else melts quietly into the ground. it's like a blanket of soft static that covers everything that doesn't matter in your life, allowing you to concentrate with feverish color. eventually though, the my body drifts into a wispy plateau of dull sensations, mixing everything together into an intoxicating concoction that is distinctly late-night brewed. kampai, mi amigos y amigas.



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