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West Entrance to Death Valley
Greetings, from Death Valley. Photo set is here.

Star trails
Star trails from Red Rock Canyon National Park. Photo set is here.

Kat and her camera
Kat at Big Sur. Photo set is here.

I'm back in one piece. Albeit, in San Francisco.

The best adventures that my life offers have been those planned in short notice, or best, the ones that are never planned at all. There remains an irresistible urge to beckon after a calling, a special kind of calling, that can only be found deep within yourself. The rest of the world may think you are crazy, some smirk in bemusement, whilst others shake their heads in worry. Yet at the end of the day, your life is only yours to live and to experience, and I feel that we owe it to ourselves to take that first step and turn wonder and curiosity into something more tangible. Something that you own. And the sense of accomplishment means more than simply reaching your destination, but being able to recount the validity of your experience by really understanding the journey, and each step that you took in order to reach where you are.

A silly red scooter, is only silly when you laugh at it from the other side. And not when you experience what it's really like to get from point A, to point B.

More descriptive updates and pictures to follow. :)


This is what I live for. Semblances of isolation. Adventure. A sense of taking control over my life, instead of rolling with life's punches as everyone expects it to roll. It's cliche, but it never really is about the destination - it's how you take your strides, how you inevitably fall down, and how you manage to pick yourself up from your pieces and move on..

Big Sur

tired. dirty. and with a horrible raccoon tan.

at the end of the day, the most important thing is to come home alive, intact. more often than not, even the most mundane of things are left for granted. the beauty of our travels is found not only during the journey itself, but more importantly in the journeys we partake afterwards. to appreciate all once again, in our views, that have turned into the ordinary.

tent, check.
sleeping bag, check.
extra fuel, check.
armored jacket, check.

adventure, in process.

here comes another 500 miles of gorgeous california riding on the scoot!


a few pictures from the so far so good rally in san francisco last weekend.


493 miles from point to point, 16 hours on the road over a span of two days.

hopped on the vespa and posted a grand total of 211 miles today! snaked my way down PCH all the way to costa mesa and into irvine to the canon service center to have one of my lenses repaired. one way (85 miles) took me a total of 3 hours to complete, mostly because of the stop and go nature of surface streets. there were some stretches of pulling 60-65mph beside the shimmering pacific ocean near huntington beach, but i really need to get some goggles, a face shield, or possibly a full-face. my eyes are always dried out. there was a stretch along sepulveda where trucks near the ports were belching soot into my face, and i literally had a stencil outline of my shades on my face by the time i made it back into the valley.

after making my way home to wash my gorgeous face, i hopped right back on the vespa to meet up with ex-co-worker peter pan who has the biggest crush on marie digby. the plan was to try and catch her at the hotel cafe, but the show sold out and peter's dreams of becoming a bona-fide fanboy were shattered. but only for tonight. fortunately, we were not ones to be deterred by a minor setback and had some damn good grub at huston's pit bbq. good stuff, holmes! eventually made our way back to hotel cafe and caught the next gig.

i'm dead tired, but am slowly getting back into the groove of placing myself in strangely amusing situations. i need to take more pictures. i don't want to jinx it, but i'm really looking forward to the coastal run up to san francisco...

kat and our favorite passenger, and my new best friend, nickel. perfect weather this weekend! one of the biggest factors that everyone pays a premium in cost of living here in socal, is definitely the weather. however, living in the valley can have its heated moments since we're sheltered from the ocean breeze - last weekend was an inferno, the mercury was hitting 112! felt like going through an industrial grade blow drier. can't wait to take the vespa out the next few days as the weather clears up.

taking it slow this week. been starting to make some pretty big decisions lately, as far as taking the first steps go. but the first few steps always opens the chance to go either the direction you thought you wanted, towards something totally unrelated, or stagnates you into a puddle of rot in your comfort zones. the realities are still beginning to sink in. we'll see how it unfolds, i have a weird knack of swaying between being troubled over nothing and having fun trying to keep my head above the water.

soon enough. watch out, for mclovine. haha!

107 miles on the road today.

when you're hung over, they say the best remedy is to drink some more. the overload of live music over the weekend must've sparked some forgotten addictions that has been lying dangerously dormant in one of my dark corners (at least relatively).

so late this afternoon before i was about to leave the cube farm, i found out that the teddybears had a gig at the el rey on wilshire. no second thoughts, i was going alone if i had to. we caught their last song at coachella and the energy was totally palpable in the tent, and i couldn't let this one pass.

so i took the vespa out to wilshire, which was a pretty nice ride. it probably took almost twice as long compared to being in a car, but riding the vespa is always a different experience - sort of like walking barefoot and allowing your toes to feel the grass, versus running with socks and sneakers. also, no parking fees and struggling to find a spot! it felt good to be out.

and so the teddybears owned the el rey and everyone else that was there. really good stuff, definitely chalked up as a must-see! music is always a pleasant escape from the normalcies of the cube that's waiting for me tomorrow..

we made some paul and kat magnets today and stuck 'em on a few random places..

Greetings, from Paul and Kat.com!

it's cold outside but i'm taking her for a spin. the lx150 rocks!



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