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Analog Love

July 15, 2009

Diana Insta-back

Kat and I are big fans of analog. We've always had a thing for vintage and classics, warm saturated tones and colors and what not. This is a print from her Diana F+ Lomo that's fitted with Fuji Instamax film (basically: polaroid) that makes instant prints. Pretty dope, but took her awhile to get a framing technique together (which is still far from perfect). We have dozens of prints in various states of failure, many pitch black, total white, or of our friends with no heads. So basically, its pretty accurate and depicts real life very well.

Meanwhile I'm holding a box contraption that blocks out light of a Kodak Duaflex III, which is a medium format camera. I point my camera through the viewfinder to come up with a picture of, well, a picture of what a person sees when looking through the viewfinder (TTV). It's a pretty big square piece of glass, and really cool looking through it. It's amazing how the image can pop out - it's basically my own portable camera obscura.

We've all been conditioned to think that perfect is always better, that you want clean, pure, expensive, unadulterated. Yet the warm hiss and pop of vinyl, the saturated tones of a lomo print, the struggle of a 79 VW bus traversing a grade, these embody for me the beauty and soul of art. It's more fun making mistakes, it's a lot more beautiful, than being perfect.

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3 comments on “Analog Love”

  1. so:

    ive gotten info on the fiat from you.
    i was surprised you like the original mini cooper. (i saw one on c5 last night by the way)
    i like vespa's, you have one.
    i've stalked some blog before that posts random sightings of the vw 79 van, now i see it on your blog.

    i wanna pull all my hair out.


    1. Haha I remember totally daydreaming for an orange VW Karmann-Ghia back in college, and this enchantment for vintage and classics started to take a foothold..

      Life is too short, you should drive the car that you really want :)

      1. when i muster enough courage to go out in a vespa (in manila), i just might go for it:) for now, while my idea is still to just have it sitting in the house for me to admire, i think im good with photos and trips to the vespa store to ogle. (lol!)

        baby steps:)

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