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July 24, 2003

the past few days have been pretty cool; on tuesday watched moonstar88 and parokya ni edgar at 70's bistro. they made my night when they sang the classic chikinini. on wednesday watched kjwan (jorel's new band.. with marc abaya) at millenia, and celebrated the dawn of my birthday with good music. i got to meet karl roy, that was pretty rad. got some more good stuff to look forward to for the week, vince is coming and i have a farty on saturday. come come come! 0919.259.2097

my ass turned 22 today. i would've made really big spontaneous plans, but of course i had the shittiest time last night and this morning because of this damn cold that came from the middle of nowhere. i hate colds. i'd rather have diarrhea than have a cold- at least i can read while pooing, or call up people (which is fun, you should try it). no one really seems to mind anyway, until they hear you flush. and then you can say your goodbyes. but being stuck with a runny nose and a perpetually empty kleenex box, that's just no fun. no one seems to admire the cute little squares that my tissues get folded into either. everyone probably knows when i get a cold, cos those little tissue residues show up everywhere imaginable, like little horny white rabbits multiplying into every possible dimension. it used to drive my brother nuts when i left them in the car. see, sniffles are just not fun at all.. hooray for pooing! and hooray for the good food at cena.. oink!

it's been an interesting year. i want to get all sentimental, but i ran out of kleenex.. maybe tomorrow.

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  1. please refrain from posting unflattering pics of me on the net. i am not as forgiving as tray..actually, i don't think she's seen what you did but regardless, i am still not as forgiving. remember, i do not have conscience =>

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