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February 4, 2008

In a few hours I head back out to the madness of Manila.

Guam was pretty good for understanding the rotations of my new hamster wheel. I think it would've been nice to stay a bit longer and indoctrinate myself deeper into the operational nuances of what put me through school and food on our tables, but I'll need to get moving to get an understanding of the bigger picture. Can't stagnate, and can't move too fast either. All that is the balance, that we keep ourselves perched precariously on.

Here's something I came across on the intarweb that I found really interesting. African-American Photographs (Snapshots and Portraits).

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  1. HavE a sAfe trip pOh

    gOod luCk siR

    God Bless U

    ps: nice pictures....i mean...yung iba lng poh hehehe joke lng poh....peace!!!

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