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June 30, 2003

this is kathlyn. behind her is the house of the osbournes. the poor schmuck from san francisco wanted to see them badly, and so we headed out disguised as japanese tourists. there were a handful of other spectators camping outside the osbourne abode, hoping to catch a glimpse of jack's blubber, or whatever else floated their boats. i'm not a really big fan of the show, although black sabbath has been in healthy rotation on my playlist. afterwards, i had to take kath to a local bakery where to my horror she inhaled a slice of cake to satisfy her chocolate fix.. poor child. she made me feel guilty about spreading rumors back in manila that she got so fat she couldn't fit through a doorway. if she reads this, she'll probably never talk to me again, but we'll continue eating when we're together anyway. bwahahaha! oink!

a lot of my friends are leaving. i guess its a sign for me to bail out and head on over to the PI. aside from andre, narcs, and jj, alana is gearing up for psychopath grad school action and kathlyn begins paralegal white collar sweatshop labor next week. i've been fortunate that everyone has been randomly visiting me here in tarzana, or else i'd just cease to exist. at one point joes started to call me the 'matrix' hehe. its just so easy to lay and pig around.. its scary! will the summer slothfest get the best of me? help lovine from disappearing, visit him! let's go drink!

i actually abstained from alcohol today. aside from being a sunday, i had the biggest headache this morning; but it was a small price to pay for the awesome time i had for jenny's birthday! the sangria pre-party at her apartment left me in a really good party mood, and i just spent the rest of the night dancing. not to mention jenny is probably my fave dancing partner! it reminded me of erika coronel's party at la jota way back in 99.. i can't dance, but i can.. sometimes. ;) cheers to that, jenny! :D

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  1. hey lovine!! this is the first time i visited your page and it's really good! i'm so proud of you. i'm so inggit that you get to hang with kathlyn. oh well, hopefully the bitch will get in touch one of these days...

  2. mon: of course, but you haven't taken me out clubbing! when shall we go? :) you're the title holder for the asian region ;)

    ther: i can't believe you've never seen my site before. shame!!

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