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March 7, 2006

i sat somewhere near the front, but still couldn't read the presentation on the projector screen at work today. my glasses were somehow misplaced last week, and i always have a knack of misplaced random things. they would disappear suddenly, and mysteriously re-appear a few months afterwards as quickly as they've gone. makes you wonder if all your belongings sprouted legs and ran all over the place while you slept, drooling on your pillow.

in a depressing note, i miss the excitement and optimism of youth. wide and bright eyed at the prospect of meeting a plethora of interesting people. but lately it's disturbing to find myself scoffing at closed minds with ease. am i just inept? it's fine to express an opinion, nor is it a sin to have one, but one of my biggest pet peeves is the ability of some people to believe theirs is the world that turns correctly without batting an eyelash, precisely because their eyes remain closed. and that's still fine - until you start imposing on my ability to define my own choices through allocating false (or lack of) judgment. maybe i'm just sad that people eat meat and never vegetables, drink beer, watch ball, pay taxes and think that's all there is to look forward to in life.

fortunately, at end of the day i don't care about the rest of the world's trivial snafus when i can appreciate the sunset and know what it's like to have good uni. and the world's sweetest little hurricane, of course. ;)

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