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April 1, 2004

its a great night.

i went hardcore overtime, and left my office at 930pm. i'm "investing" time, trying to figure out a visual basic program that would virtually ELIMINATE my job. while doing monkey robotic labor this afternoon, i realized that this is really an insult to my intelligence, and the exact words that were flashing in my mind were "WHAT A WASTE OF HUMAN CAPITAL". and so i stopped what i was doing, and opened roy's visual basic book to search for answers. its taking awhile, but if i succeed, the project hires of tomorrow will forever love me. well, not really, but i'm just trying to save our dignity as people who should be spending time actually THINKING about more relevant stuff.

more relevant stuff, like elevator girl. and so on my way down, i'm reassessing the direction of my life. 930pm on my way down to the lobby. the elevator stops midway. and then someone comes in. YAY!

so we chitchat for awhile, and its funny because i see in her eyes that shes really really tired, and its not just the physical exhaustion, but there's that spiritual uncertainty about what shes doing. i really wish she knew that i liked her. maybe someday i'll let her know. we had an interesting conversation, and i'd really LOVE to sit down with her next time and nitpick her. *siigh*

afterwards, i had a couple of beers with my idol tiosex at big sky mind. and boy, did he give me a run for my money. my new motto: "are you paying attention?"

and here's one for contention.. thats kinda off tangent: "you don't make friends by making out with them."

two cents?

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  1. roy if you get to read this - i figured out a way for excel to extract data from the CARDPAC screen! there are two pages in your book that talk about it. i hope this makes a difference, and more importantly save future PHs time and grief :">

  2. hey, its the first time i checked your site. i ddin't know you were the type who would write stuff lke these. hehe! just kidding. after reading this, i figured out alot of things about you.... hmm...

    anyway, i have a feeling i know who the elevator girl is... i remembered that you told me about the incident. i saw her just last night in eastwood. i'm just surprised that you didn't ask her out on a date before considering that i told you she's looking for one. i did, right?

    i don't know how to say this but ill say it anyway. just found out last night she's with someone already. i feel bad that im the one telling you this... well, you could still tell her you like her, right? but the thing is, would that make any difference?? i certainly wouldn't know.

    goodluck man! btw i feel the same way about work, probably much worse. see you on monday.


  3. lovine, i wish i have a website like you, so i can rant, and i have ppl to read it. :)
    u know, im starting to accept that eventually we are all gonna be sell outs,(and dog tired eveyday) bcz we're getting old. and that means we need moolah. allowance? whutz thaat? at least you have friends and a social life. i hope im making sense. :)

  4. If i comment here will you know that I did even if there are more recent postings?


    TALAGA???? That would make everything 15,000 times easier! hahaha!

    They should pay you for your programs.

  5. still elevator girl? i'm damn drunk right now in itbayat... putang inang gin iyan. you don't make friends by making out with them... but if that's the case, who needs friends? hehehe

  6. hey haven't been catching you online! :)

    still that girl from the office?? you mean you haven't told her ANYTHING??

    want to grab some coffee and talk one of these days? i'm in dire need of some serious advice...hehe :)

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