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Balls of Steel

September 16, 2010

SF to PDX to LA

Balls of Steel: SF to Portland
Balls of Steel: Portland to LA

2,613 miles on the 150cc scooter. Can't write without gushing too much about the intensity of pulling something like this out of the hat. There are a few images that stand out, and when you're on the saddle for 10 hours a day pulling 400 mile days, there are quite a few to choose from in the pool. The best pictures are the ones outside the camera - inside the curve, through the fog, down into the view, simmering into the golden sunset, burning in the hours that toughen the soul (and the butt). The best ones present themselves in a split second, but are beautiful enough to last forever.

There were some rough moments related to boring straight-aways, cross-town traffic, soggy weather, nail-busted flat tire, smelly tents, strong winds threatening to blow me out the road. There were times when I thought I'd been pushing the envelope too far. But most of the time, it felt more like I haven't been pushing it far enough. Life goes on, but only when you choose to move forward.

Those who wander far away from home, know it a lot better when they return.

Stay safe, and ride on.

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4 comments on “Balls of Steel”

  1. Cool man, I recently purchased a Vespa too and was researching on some Vespa particulars when I came across this blog and when I saw one of the pictures I was like, "hey I know this guy!"

    Lovine, this is Loren Guevara from Ateneo bro.   How's the riding been going?  Noticed that this last post is from more than a year ago. 

    Hope all is well and hope to read up on more of your Vespa adventures!

    1. Congratulations on your Vespa purchase - I hope it'll also be as life changing for you as it was for me... I'll send you a separate email!! Good to hear from you man!!!

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