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Keep Walking

November 17, 2009

My time is always late, my dreams are always far fetched. My feet are always itchy, my needs are never met. My world continuously spins, like seconds on a clock. My life is never here nor there, just like my lost socks.

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3 comments on “Keep Walking”

  1. Hey Lovine! Just wanted to know if you could post some pics from Death Valley! We had such a great time, thanks so much for inviting us! Hope all is well....p.s. how did you guys like yosemite??

    1. Jill!! Yosemite was COLD. We want to go back, maybe backpack with you guys when the weather gets better :) I am still trying to revive the photo section of my website.. When I upload the pics, I'll let you know!! Hope we see you guys again soon!!

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