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Year: 2005

i held a steaming cup of vanilla latte by the rim in the elevator this morning, which suddenly collapsed and out splashed coffee all over my shirt and slacks. as if that weren't bad enough, the chocolate croissant i got was stale!

can't have all mornings, i guess. i want to take a shower. or crawl back underneath the sheets like a lazy sunday cat.

i thought travelling for work would be awesome possum, but i quickly realise that booking my own flights et al can be a real pain in the gluts. i'm booked for houston the rest of the month, but due to the wonderful forces of nature all hotels are ridiculously booked from those that have fled katrina's path from neighboring new orleans. i have a headache and now i can't feel my toes.

after this month, maybe i'll start talking to y'all like this. rad.

i'm one to stall and ponder, about the possibilities of better options and chances that tomorrow would bring. and i'm really glad that i waited and wondered, and took on the odds of good guys finishing last, because i've found what i've been waiting for. i've found more, than what i've been waiting for. and she's found me, too. :)


i'm out here in springfield, missouri (spell middle-of-nowhere?). classical music is streaming from i-tunes, and i just finished pressing my shirts for the week. funny how being in the middle of nowhere is manifested in a literal sense, which is quite applicable to a few things that i'm currently trying to get a grasp of. i can't figure out this rush i'm feeling to grow up, and ascertain that my life is not only headed down the right direction but that i'm collecting the right velocity, angle, and top-spin to hit the mark. does being happy always have to be complicated by the darn details? or maybe we're all missing the point.

surprisingly, i've found myself praying recently (which is not me). mostly just to give thanks. and there's a lot to be thankful for. don't you love the weekends? they're just brimming with surprises :)

hallo, nickel. :)

i don't know why i have this scenario in my head, of logical blocks that consist of words and phrases that are being jumbled in a boggle box. i imagine brewing fragments of sentences that make sense, and an unlimited plethora of possibilities. as if i'm expecting to tell the future, uncover secret messages, or whatever silver-lined message that chance will offer. awaiting the clunk and shuffle as the blocks hit the grids of plastic, arranging sublime thoughts from independence into coherent cohesiveness. random, random words, random, random circumstances.

this weekend, i experienced the unwavering strength, dedication, and determination of a thousand women to obtain a free pair of jimmy choo's. 14 hours? no problem. bring it! hahaha! what other misadventures will san francisco bring? ;) hallo, ms. kat :)

a pleasant surprise came in the mailbox today! a little something that i wanted to keep but never got the chance, several weeks forgotten and lost.. found its way into an envelope and into my hands. 'surprise mr. paul. :)' read a hidden note. quite unexpected, someone should've seen my face while my thoughts got a bit clouded.

although work can be a chore, and i'm not getting any younger.. i don't think i've been any less happier! :)

no breakfast nor dinner today. only had one meal, and lunch was soup and salad. not by choice, but by circumstance.

but i'm scared that i'm beginning to blur the two. and it's slowly becoming habit, bourne of convenience. it's not fun eating when you're by yourself.

and LA traffic is not cool. and stepping on other people's toes, too.

i never thought it would happen, but waking up in the morning is one of the highlights of my day. i've been waking up earlier than usual, and spend an extra hour just sprawled on my bed like a lazy sunday cat. what can make my tiny world roll into a tumble? i am, after all, just another lazy sunday cat...

hello friends! i've uploaded new pictures from monterey bay last weekend. i'm still short on a few albums, some being overdue by several months. if i had more time, i'd like to streamline everything on this site and minimize the amount of work i need to do in preparing them for online consumption. it's easier if i did multiply or other free services, but i like keeping things organized under one roof. years have come and gone, and i've always had a clear idea of what i wanted this small niche on the internet to be, but it's always an ongoing project, the neverending thesis of documenting snippets of life's ponderables and laughables than happen to fall along this way.

now, if only i can do away with the technicals of maintaining a site. and if only i can do away with the mondays. i need more time to hang out with the neighbours! mek mek.

the realization that i'm all alone in this house, and that everyone is quietly getting older is slowly creeping in.

the world is slowly creeping into a tiny ball in the palm of my hands. where shall i go, what shall i say... who shall i be?

i'm going over the archive of songs i've recorded from loyola. i miss all those damn hawaiians. i should've recorded more.

it's a friday night and i'm too sleepy to get out of the house. so i'm just chilling like a villain with my cowboy hat. catching up on sleep is a coveted activity hard to come by these days.

i'm generally the one to downplay, act coy, and sometimes wallow in self depricating pity parties. ironically, i believe this might be an overshoot of my happy-go-lucky rhythm. i just tend to wear a smirk on my face that constantly keeps itself in check- neither lacking nor excessive.

but this once, after a look into the shoes that i'm wearing, this once..

i may have to admit that i am, one lucky schmuck. :)

spilling cascades, yawning yesterday's tomorrow, overlapping oblivion, incoherent innocence, unrequited goldfish.

i'm bored. until friday.

i need to use the backpack again...

i just pulled a 12 hour day, running on 3 hours of sleep. but my heartbeat is a flutter with the beatings of the butterflies in my stomach, and weariness is nowhere to be found... and i'm starting to get lost again... and i don't think i'll ever mind...



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