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kat and our favorite passenger, and my new best friend, nickel. perfect weather this weekend! one of the biggest factors that everyone pays a premium in cost of living here in socal, is definitely the weather. however, living in the valley can have its heated moments since we're sheltered from the ocean breeze - last weekend was an inferno, the mercury was hitting 112! felt like going through an industrial grade blow drier. can't wait to take the vespa out the next few days as the weather clears up.

taking it slow this week. been starting to make some pretty big decisions lately, as far as taking the first steps go. but the first few steps always opens the chance to go either the direction you thought you wanted, towards something totally unrelated, or stagnates you into a puddle of rot in your comfort zones. the realities are still beginning to sink in. we'll see how it unfolds, i have a weird knack of swaying between being troubled over nothing and having fun trying to keep my head above the water.

soon enough. watch out, for mclovine. haha!

as far as i know, there can never be any other birthday gift that can even be close to this one!! i mean, how frikkin' awesome is this??! as everyone i've met from 5th grade onwards knows, i am one of the biggest calvin and hobbes fans on the planet!!! and as far as i knew, there was nothing more i secretly wanted in the entire universe, than my own stuffed hobbes... NOTHING! so much, in fact, that i relinquished it under the box of "things that i would love to have but will probably never ever ever". i feel like i won the lottery that money can't buy!

and with that, i profess my undying love for a little miss sarah katrina, the girl of my dreams, i love you, you are the bestest and most amazingest magician of dreams that my universe can even dream of!

i'm still madly smitten :">

the mirror is a funny place
where everything seems as it may
be exactly what they seem

but what you really see
is only that which you believe in

happy birthday, miss kat. paul <3s you. :)

we made some paul and kat magnets today and stuck 'em on a few random places..

Greetings, from Paul and Kat.com!

On Canvas

a few weeks ago was the first time i've ever painted on canvas. both are collabs with ms. kat. :)



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