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8 Years Ago, Forever


8 years ago, I married this beautiful woman at a very special place in the middle of Death Valley.  It was far from what our culture would construe as traditional, but we knew in a heartbeat that this was our church.  And I thank my lucky stars that as the days turn into years, the fire we started only grows stronger, and we continue to live out our dreams, create, and make the world proud.  Shoutout to my best man and ring bearer, @heynickel.  Love you and @tangerinelove forever until the end of time.

Enjoy the long weekend folks!

I honestly think the real measure of wealth is the amount of time you spend being happy.
Because when all your time and money goes into the VW, you have no choice but to convince yourself that it's true 😂

Happy 15th!

Happy 15th birthday to the coldest hearted adventure pupper there ever was!! Continue to teach us that we don't need words to let others know we love them. That we don't need more stuff, but more time together. The most important things in life you learn from animals, and I always thank you for allowing us to be part of your pack. LOVE YOU @heynickel!!

With Love, From All the Boys

It's true that if you open up my heart, you'll find a miniature Kat purring about, making sure that all the boys are fed with a steady diet of love and adventure.. Happy Birthday to our dearest @tangerinelove, xoxo from your not-so-secret admirers

Feel Alive At Home

The beautiful #Adventurewagen - feel alive from the moment you turn the key, till the moment you roll into home in the great outdoors.

Clear Skies, Warm Hearts

A romantic dinner date, in a deserted place very special to our hearts.. ;) Happy anniversary @tangerinelove!

My Faves

My faves

Every Mile

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Never be defined by speed limits, nor the path others expect you to take. Be in control, to create your life as beautiful as you can dream, and keep fulfilling it every mile of the way.

Summer nights.

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2016-08-15 01.58.12 2

Dreams for all volks, they last forever.

Nature Is My God

2016-08-14 12.37.27 1

This is my church. #california #mobiusarch #alabamahills #rei1440project #outdoors #stars #goexplore #exploremore #theoutbound"

ZOMFG Best Meteor Shower Evar

2016-08-12 05.35.13 1

The Perseids telling me that all our dreams will come true... !!!

The View Outside Your Bedroom

2016-08-12 05.19.30 1

Slept under a few stars last night. 10/10 would recommend.

Take Your Friends to Beautiful Places

2016-07-12 11.52.10 1

2016-07-12 11.52.37 1

2016-07-12 11.52.53 1

Instead of the usual Vegas debauchery, we took our soon-to-be shackled man @jabajj out for a taste of adventure the best way we know how.



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