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justin "jopez" gopez. itchy, itchy.

back full circle, to cook county where i was born. only two days left until the golden year of 25 is over!

caught travis last saturday at the vic theatre. thank god i found out about their gig last minute through the help of web 2.0 friends, going.com. travis is really awesome! really good venue, and the crowd was really receptive as well. not a lot of pretentiousness that you'd normally get in LA. seemed like everyone was genuinely enjoying the show, which is either the crowd that travis gets, or is a reflection of the awesomeness of chi town.

107 miles on the road today.

haight and ashbury, may 2007.

napa valley, june 2007.

happy birthday baby lara!

never forget the curiosity of childhood.

the mirror is a funny place
where everything seems as it may
be exactly what they seem

but what you really see
is only that which you believe in

quiapo, philippines. 2007.

On Canvas

a few weeks ago was the first time i've ever painted on canvas. both are collabs with ms. kat. :)

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