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No Fear

There's nothing about the unknown to be afraid of, because by the time it besets you, all you will need to do is shut your mouth and deal with it. And that's what makes you a stronger person. Have you ever met someone who's successful and happy by choosing the obvious, and staying put in his/her comfort zone? Boundaries are made to be broken, and life is too short to live the same life like yesterday.


Apparently, you can teach old dogs new tricks.

Sunset on Prewitt

A little time-lapse video I took this weekend while camping at Big Sur. First things first, I need to get a timer-remote. I sat on my ass for an hour, taking pictures every ten seconds to come up with a spotty rendering. I can't say it does any justice to the real thing, not that having equipment to automate pressing a button would make any difference - I just like complaining a lot. And I just slapped on a similarly shoddy track I made a few years ago, since the piracy police at YouTube flagged the original Led Zep song I wanted on it. :P

Now I'm also in the process of trying to determine if I should revive my internal photo gallery or re-new my Flickr subscription. I can't wait to upload the photos from this trip, but it's a well known fact that there's an very good chance they'll never make it online if I don't get my act together. Soon. Ah, life.


Phoenix at the Greek Theater last night. Love this song, a cover from Air. More on my YouTube account.
They put on a great show, the crowd was fun, which says a lot about your music I think. I almost forgot how small the Greek really is, and it's probably the smallest outdoor venue here in SoCal. Fun times :)

Depressed when I find awesome bands and found out they were at Coachella and totally missed them. Like the Black Keys.

I'm still debating about the naked wizard that got tazed though. That must've been for the books. Just like that time we seriously missed winning Carpoolchella by literally 6 seconds.

EDIT: Just researched, and they were playing the same time when we were shakin' our asses to Buraka Som Sistema. Life ain't so bad. Time to go to bed. Yikes.

Following a pretty bad Coachella hangover, I just realized there's a load of gigs around my area that need some attention.

The Whip apparently played a show on Monday and earlier today, I totally missed out. The initially free Depeche Mode street concert on Hollywood-Highland for Jimmy Kimmel on Thursday turned into an invitation only gig and of course I didn't get tix in time.

Lykke Li is playing at Masonic Lodge in Hollywood Forever Cemetery end of May, tickets are onsale this Friday. Phoenix playing at The Wiltern end of June.

Here's Travis when we caught them last week at the Wiltern, summing up how I feel:

The Crisis of Credit, Visualized.

The Crisis of Credit Visualized from Jonathan Jarvis on Vimeo.

Very informative, for those in the dark about why all this crap is happening.

Thank you, 2008. :)

Smashing Pumpkins - Landslide (Live at Gibson Amphitheatre 12/3)

Smashing Pumpkins - Sunkissed (Live at Gibson Amphitheatre 12/3)

What makes a good show is not just what you feel during the performance, but how it affects you afterwards. Wow.. Wow.

Visited a vertical wind tunnel with Jaime, Nicole, and Dr. X last Saturday. All I can say is, WOW! If it weren't for my bum left shoulder, this might be a serious contender against the snowboarding sessions addiction...

BEAM Toothpaste! Starring Pepel Santos and Wacky Abad-Santos.

Getting the new Youtube.com account warmed up! Here are a few surprise video montages I made for my buddy's birthday a year ago.. My, how time flies! Hello, Mikkel Gutierrez.



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