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All My Little Plans and Schemes

Hello, Nickel

Saturday Shenanigans

I've been thinking a lot about why I haven't been writing as much lately. Let's see if I can try to change that. It's harder to keep an open mind and trying to hash out coherent thoughts that are worthy of posting, and I always feel like I need to put myself up to higher standards. That, and a lot of same old, put a damper on things. But on rare occasions, I actually feel like writing down what's been happening.

It was a very interesting day today. I started by replacing a leaky distributor housing o-ring of the Shitzuki, which was causing it to tinkle oil whenever it sat asleep. As expected with automotive matters and the fact that my mechanical knowledge pretty much just consists of being able to use a socket wrench, the projected time it took to complete the task at hand was tripled, but thankfully successful. So far. The o-ring was hard and flattened, and shattered once I took it out of the bugger. I just need to clean the oil spill after surgery, then I can see if it cures the drip.

Later in the afternoon Nickel and I decided to don my "Paul and Kat" hat, and hiked out to the Renegade Craft Fair to say hello to our crafter friends (and help Jon sell t-shirts). Thanks to Carmageddon, we tore through the 101 in 2 seconds. Apart from the usual awesome that accompanies attending these craft fairs, Jon pointed out something that I haven't thought much about, but quickly realized as a profound truth. We were exchanging stories about how our dogs came into our lives, and he mentioned that he believes you simply cannot 'choose' your dog, but they should somehow come into your life fortuitously on their own, however it happens. I could not agree more!

I type a lot when it's 4am.

I spent the rest of the night trying to take pictures of Carmaggedon, and met two random people on the bridge. One was a guy who makes videos on Youtube and took pictures of themselves planking on the median of the 405, and the other was a hobby photographer who traded some excellent photo tips.

I'm getting tired.

As it has come to be expected from this corner of the intarwebz, pictures soon to follow. :)

The Desert

As the final months of my 20's draw to a close, the greatest revelations of my decade have decidedly turned towards the grace and tempered benevolence of nature. And although it is far easier to selfishly believe that the world revolves around yourself (which is true to an extent), I increasingly discover my own (ir)relevance outside the self perpetuating wheel of the modern world. F the system and everything else that tells you who you should be. The real world is not found in the jealousy of material goods and avarice. Listen instead to the winds of the desert, the rain of the forest, and believe in the whispers of your own heart.

Desert Dweller
Desert Dog expects you to know better than what you think you already know right now. Go out, and discover.

Easter Bunny

Easter Bunny wants moar Chokolait

Easter Bunny wants yo Chocolate.
Follow him here, or he'll eat your Easter Eggs too: http://hellonickel.tumblr.com/

Tecate Mornings

Tecate Camping

I love my Tecate in the morning.

Post 999: Puppy Portraiture



Can you be our fwend? http://hellonickel.tumblr.com

Simpler Times

When there's no PBR, it's Simpler Times.



We're back and ready to party!

Hello Friends

Well, somebody's been quite popular over at http://hellonickel.tumblr.com/.

Hello, wallpaper.

If you're not careful, he might end up on your phone as well.

Office Fridays

Boss our numbers are off

Boss, our numbers are off. Let's call it a weekend?

Nicholas Waldorf III

Nicholas got a haircut

Testing the Device


Posting from the new HTC smartphone. Trying to keep up with the interconnected times by writing about being disconnected once in a while. Good to know I can make nonsense wherever I go.

Now here's a picture of Nickel with his butt in the air.

Fall Colors

Fall Colors

Nothing like enjoying beautiful fall colors come out with your best friend. :)

Nickel and Brobee


The dog is now pink.

No it's not hair dye.

We effed up and had to shave him. Bald. :)



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