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i don't want to graduate yet.
kathryn, alana and i finally saw deidra's mural at the thai restaurant, pam's place. it was originally rosalynn's thai right on lincoln, but they moved closer to venice. as deidra would put it, it was rather "spiffy"! good food, and an awesome mural of course ;) deidra rocks!

finished putting up more pictures.. and trying to resolve issues with the name servers and stuff. we'll see what happens over the next few days. i'm starting to get the hang of all this tech stuff going on. pretty funky!

happy cesar chavez weekend!

had a barbecue at my house on sunday. i bought the meat 2am the night before, and while i was in bed at 3, i remembered to heat the pool. of course i couldn't fall asleep with that troubling me, so i wokeup at 8am, turned up the heater and cleaned the pool a little bit. ah! the weather was just amazingly perfect!

thanks for everyone who went, i had tons of fun.. although we did run out of food, it was still good stuff! and now i'm back in school and back to projects and back to heartaches. guess you can't have your steak and eat it too.

i feel like the same guy i was in high school right now. its 234am, i'm in the middle of creating this outline for a presentation next week.. an outline i should've done two days ago, and my group probably thinks i'm such a slacker (which i am), and i didn't even show up for class today because i declared it a lovine holiday and slept in for the morning. agh.

and other things are occupying my mind, of course everyone in my apartment is having the same trouble.. me, jeremy, JJ, tom.. everyone except for nick i guess. what can we say, he just has lots of hawaiian hair growing on his back. heheheh.

i'm at a loss right now. i feel this certain way, but i feel like i don't have a grip on the situation, and i can't detach myself from it so easily as i would want... assuming that i wanted to detach myself in the first place. this shit always happens to me. always.

right now i really like LMU! just came back from the senior shindig at the birdsnest and its tons of fun, especially when its on campus which is weird and they had dollar drinks.. i had my share of heineys :) too bad i have all this shit to take care of this week, projects galore.. but LMU is turning into a really chill school!!! woooo!! i wish i had a couple of more years!! i love this!!! and i'm baking cookies, no one visits my site so its your loss. you could've had cookies tonight. :) walnut and chocolate chip, how can you go wrong?!?!?!?!
i haven't been getting a lot of sleep. of course i'm smothered by all these group meetings and stuff that i need to wakeup earlier than my classes and i can't even nap during the day. i used to live for catnaps in o'malley, but i guess the days of being awake at night and sleeping in the afternoon are days gone by. now its just days when i'm perpetually awake. well, i try to be. baahh.

meetings here, meetings there. projects here, projects there. here, there, frikkin' everywhere.

its been a wild wild weekend. saturday night was kelly's shindig, there were more than 30 kids packed in their apartment at one point i think. of course the RAs came and regulated but we all tried to be good and have "indoor voices." after awhile, i just started to take shots of skyy vodka, and everything is a blur from there. that's me in a state of blur.

this morning was st. patty's, headed out to brennans at 6am to drink! its probably the earliest beer i've ever had. :) let's see if there's anything else going on tomorrow. cheers to that! :)

i woke up at the ungodly hour of 830am today. for some reason, i was just suddenly awake. and so here i am, writing an essay thats supposed to be due today. last night was a trip, i didn't really want to go out but i headed out to holy cross and 83rd to the ADG house for a party. the place was just literally packed, and crazy stuff going on. all i can say is that apparently i was drinking pure vodka with lemon and some powder mix or whatever. vince called it something, but i forget. anyway, thats why i was surprised i woke up early. but that's good, cos i need to type this thing up as well as other stuff.. and then later on tonight, party harder with kelly's friends, mweheheh... :)
why do you always find yourself in places that you'd rather not be in, doing things you'd rather not do, feeling what you'd rather not feel. i'm sitting at my desk at 330am, just finished rewriting my mergers and acquisitions homework, feeling a little bit tired on all aspects of being. i need just a little push to keep me going.. this day has gone pretty sour. am performing mediocerly, and i just feel crappy. but i know this is because i've been expecting more from myself. bahh. its the last semester. who gives a shit?

deb called me today. i miss that girl! although the sneaky little schmuck did assign me to speak at the beta gamma sigma induction ceremony.. i wish i'd had the chance to hang out with her more, she's totally rad. but alas, all the shitload that we have to take care of on top of the already mounting carcass of shit that just seems to popup from fucking nowhere. ahhh. life. doesn't it smell funny?

here we go, my favorite soundtracks! jesus christ superstar, reality bites, empire records, singles, the crow, the jackal, the saint, dazed and confused.. my life, however, seems to come from the smashing pumpkins.
it's now 3am, and i'm in the middle of finishing this website for my e-business class. had i known this would take this long, i should've started this a week ago. but here we are, looking for other ways to keep ourselves from falling asleep, and trying to put a little work into the site here and there. *siigh*. i feel like i've regressed back into my high school ways.. there were pretty intense moments of procrastination then.. and i'm just over with that lifestyle. i need to keep myself in check the next time.

but who can you blame for not having any work done.. when i was at the beach? mwehehe... hey, i'm hungry. and jessica is talking about donuts. agh.

the mexican sun burned my back. yes! its been awhile since i was sunburned, and its not a fun experience. anyway there are some good pictures, maybe i'll post them up sometime. what's really funny is that puerto vallarta reminded me of cebu so much! the roads, and everything. pv just seems more touristy, and the locals always thought we were canadians for some reason. we're not canadian, eh! hehe.

digitalrice is really pissing me off. i paid for hosting 3 weeks ago and i still haven't been able to access my account. if you want something more reliable, look somewhere else. no wonder they charge cheap.

ate a lot of dimsum on saturday. i'm allergic to shrimp, so i don't think it was a really good idea.. but the dimsum was just damn amazingly good. after lunch with the family i lay in bed, and thought i was about to turn chinese with the sheer amount that i ate. plus my hands were turning a little numb, i was kinda worried that i would just stop breathing. hehe. but its a good way to go i guess. sunday i attended this gopez meeting, it was pretty intense. there's a lot of stuff in the air and its funny seeing my dad and them siblings shout and be their usual gopezes... good thing my dad regulated, or it would've been really hairy.

leaving for puerto vallarta tomorrow. lets see how mexico goes :)

its dawning into the wee hours of the morning, and i've successfully installed this blogger thingie. its the start of spring break and while all my suitemates are frolicking about the UK, here i am blinding myself in front of two computer monitors. hooray. but at least i have tuesday to look forward to - puerto vallarta with my gorgeous muskets!!

its 221am.. building a new blog, and hopefully more beautiful things for the web which i've successfully neglected...

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