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We're in trying times, folks. Time to vote.

alexistioseco: lovine watched AND LIKED a movie?
alexistioseco: this is new!!!!
iamlovine: i know, right
iamlovine: i had to tell you
iamlovine: hahaha
alexistioseco: i must say
alexistioseco: and this is a compliment
alexistioseco: you're one of the few friends i can't talk about films with at all
alexistioseco: (well, except now!)
alexistioseco: hahahaahaha
alexistioseco: which is to say, i like you for you, and you are special

Leaving in a few hours for the snowy hills of Mammoth. Day trip! This is most probably the last snowboarding trip of the season. I went to Mt. Baldy last Friday, and Big Bear on Saturday, but Spring is upon us. It's kinda pathetic how I get depressed now when I see new leaves growing on the trees around my house, and the grass growing on the hills. I mean, shit, I can't wait for winter to come back again. This is absurd.

Spring is good weather though. I smell a lot of camping trips, and other shenanigans in the works...

Sincerest condolences, to the Alcaraz family..

Went snowboarding yesterday. I feel like I got run over by a truck. I love it!

I skateboarded for 12.5 miles today. Confirmed on Google Maps. The front axle fell off. Wow.

I went snowboarding by myself yesterday at Snow Summit, Big Bear Lake. I think I can claim slight progress, and specifically tried to work on my transitions from heel to toe, and got more time practicing my toe side balance. I ate it pretty hard a few times, and I think there's a huge bruise on my right ass cheek. I feel pretty beat up. No pain, no gain! Unfortunately, I think there's more pain than there is any gain.

I also ate two bum meatballs during lunch that gave me the runs and some pretty bad bathroom action a few hours after I left. I had to make an emergency stop in Upland at casa de Arroyo, and finally met baby Evan! Always good to see old friends. Then I got home, sat on the john for an hour, threw up, and passed out. Then I wokeup at 3:30am for another round. Yes!!

Happy Turkey Day!

i risk my life every morning when i get on the freeways. i must've been asleep for at least half of the 1.5 hour commute to work today.

live fast. die faster.

double disc of black sabbath on a sunday night against an empty house. vinyl would be awesome, but beggars can't be choosers.

words of wisdom never came from old men, but in the pockets of silence when our eyes met.

happy st. patrick's day! cheers to friends, old and new, young and old, tomorrow and yesterday, and everything in between!

i'm tired. TIRED.

and i need to poo.

really badly.

running fast, long, and hard on the hamster wheel. watching the world spin.

had a little early spring cleaning going on the past few weekends. lots more work to do, especially with my spurts of compulsive cleaning, followed by bouts of reckless abandon..



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