:: halloween ::

driving up to sanfo with ponts, to visit nannoo and kathryn. i wanted to have a totally random costume, as andrea failed to convince me to don her highschool skirt in drag. not too far behind i guess - i ended up dressed as a damn fruit. the castro was crazy on sunday, but i didn't get to take a lot of pictures as i didn't even know where to start.. anyway, rub the melons for good luck baby!

358_5806.jpg (26kb) 358_5809.jpg (19kb) 358_5810.jpg (21kb)
358_5811.jpg (21kb) 358_5814.jpg (11kb) 358_5816.jpg (36kb)
358_5818.jpg (29kb) 358_5822.jpg (31kb) 358_5824.jpg (26kb)
358_5826.jpg (26kb) 358_5828.jpg (26kb) 358_5829.jpg (28kb)
358_5832.jpg (26kb) 358_5834.jpg (25kb) 358_5837.jpg (23kb)
358_5838.jpg (21kb) 358_5842.jpg (31kb) 358_5844.jpg (21kb)
358_5845.jpg (20kb) 358_5848.jpg (28kb) 358_5850.jpg (27kb)
358_5851.jpg (26kb) 358_5875.jpg (25kb) 358_5877.jpg (17kb)
358_5879.jpg (28kb) 358_5881.jpg (20kb) 358_5886.jpg (20kb)


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