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times like these, i wish i had a bigger badder tool than my puny powershot s400 that could. but also during times like these, i can never wish for anything more than the friends that i have. and i could never wish for more than the great sights and experiences you can share together.

if you look at one spot long enough, you could swear that the mountain is melting. in fact, if you stare at anything long enough... everything is possible. (that wasn't supposed to make sense, but if it did, then that's great. if not, carry on, silly.)

355_5533.jpg (8kb) 355_5536.jpg (27kb) 355_5537.jpg (28kb)
355_5539.jpg (48kb) 355_5544.jpg (36kb) 355_5547.jpg (37kb)
355_5550.jpg (37kb) 355_5558.jpg (29kb) 355_5559.jpg (33kb)
355_5560.jpg (170kb) 355_5562.jpg (94kb) 355_5576.jpg (13kb)
355_5578.jpg (34kb) 355_5589.jpg (37kb) 355_5591.jpg (37kb)
355_5593.jpg (24kb) 355_5594.jpg (127kb) 356_5601.jpg (139kb)
356_5602.jpg (152kb) 356_5605.jpg (120kb) 356_5607.jpg (115kb)
356_5608.jpg (96kb) 356_5610.jpg (125kb) 356_5614.jpg (56kb)
356_5623.jpg (22kb) 356_5624.jpg (25kb) 356_5626.jpg (41kb)
356_5635.jpg (28kb) 356_5636.jpg (15kb) 356_5644.jpg (20kb)
356_5645.jpg (16kb) 356_5647.jpg (20kb) 356_5650.jpg (16kb)
356_5652.jpg (23kb) 356_5658.jpg (11kb) 356_5661.jpg (24kb)
356_5670.jpg (18kb) 356_5675.jpg (9kb)  
kath.jpg (122kb)  


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