hoy, gopwet.

brand spankin' new stuff! testament to the fact that i have no life. someone save me.

tarzana records

summer brings fruit music. upside down by narcs, lovine, charisse, dre; forevermore by charisse and lovine; doidice and flor de lis by andre; velha infancia, boa noite, and untitled9 by lovine and andre; st. patrick's day by jj and narcs; don't let me be lonely tonight by kai and narcs; untitled4 by lovine; happy smurfday by narcs. we like to make music. would you?

siblings sing

me and my lovely sis record a few songs for ate lovette's surprise birthday CD. covers the police, side a, cindi lauper, carpenters... but don't cover your ears, hehehe.

andre and lovine archive

what is this noise?! too bad gabe gallagher isn't around to write andre up. hehe. cinnamon street is a roxette cover. circa 99-01.