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August 4, 2003

alexis and cecile, sitting in a tree. :) therese flaked on me saturday night because of a pimple.. is that a valid excuse if you're a chick? boo! anyway i'm glad i still went alone although i only knew eggy and cecile, its fun to go out alone sometimes and meet new people. cheers to that! yesterday ther and i drove down over to cubao in search for ukay ukay.. someone has to give me credit for my very astute sense of direction these days. of course there were moments when we didn't know were the hell we were, stuck in the middle of a wet meat/fish market and all. thankfully, 'bossing' was there to point out where the flea markets were. wala lang. i didn't buy shit cos i started to get allergies, and therese bought a shitload of clothes cos she thought the tag said P25.. she missed the 1 on it... P125. good job! ;)

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  1. hoy!! i didnt know you knew my site existed sister dear :D ukay ukay is a flea market where they dump all the old clothes from the states :) its the philippine version of those vintage stores i buy my t-shirts at, its just immensely cheaper :D

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