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August 25, 2006

the world doesn't really end, until you're dead.

when you're dead literally, or figuratively.

but the latter is probably more accurate.

i'm counting my blessings. :) life is good, even if the days suck. it's all we have, after all.

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  1. We all die in certain ways, one may become brain-dead/paralyzed/lantang gulay, another may become emotionless/manhid due to recurring heart breaks, one may die as in he/she is already dead.

    That's why we should live life to the fullest. Maybe the world would end one day, but we don't know when, just like the age of the dinosaurs.

  2. but to live your life to the fullest is subjective - at any waking moment in your life, you have the ability to convince yourself all that you'd want to believe is what matters. even when it's not true. it's just that it doesn't matter, when you start to have faith. or does it?

  3. Sometimes I doubt what I believe in - if the truth is really out there or the truth is just a mere invention by men themselves. Or maybe faith is something abstract, something that is in your heart, that you let go all of the ideas and start to believe or disbelieve the truth, and belief is holding on to the ideas that you believe in as influenced by the society.

  4. i liked what you wrote in my blog. i should stop this week-long pity party i've been throwing for myself and move on.

    but damn does the grass look so much greener in the other side!

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