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BC and Spirits in the Sky

Pictures from the gig at the Hotel Cafe a few hours ago.


That's Dave Navarro and Billy Corgan. At a 165 person capacity venue, gigs like these are what dreams are made of.

Following a pretty bad Coachella hangover, I just realized there's a load of gigs around my area that need some attention.

The Whip apparently played a show on Monday and earlier today, I totally missed out. The initially free Depeche Mode street concert on Hollywood-Highland for Jimmy Kimmel on Thursday turned into an invitation only gig and of course I didn't get tix in time.

Lykke Li is playing at Masonic Lodge in Hollywood Forever Cemetery end of May, tickets are onsale this Friday. Phoenix playing at The Wiltern end of June.

Here's Travis when we caught them last week at the Wiltern, summing up how I feel:

Smashing Pumpkins - Landslide (Live at Gibson Amphitheatre 12/3)

Smashing Pumpkins - Sunkissed (Live at Gibson Amphitheatre 12/3)

What makes a good show is not just what you feel during the performance, but how it affects you afterwards. Wow.. Wow.

I distinctly remember a few years ago when I got the DVD of the Smashing Pumpkins Greatest Hits, and watched a gig from Seattle where they played Geek USA. They rocked out so hard it scarred my heart. I prayed to God and said I would give my left nut to see them play live - I now owe him my left nut.

At first I was skeptical about the impending reality of seeing the Pumpkins, albeit sans original lineup. It was mainly Corgan with support of Chamberlin who wrote the material anyway, so I'm not too fazzled by that part. However, it's just the idea of liking something so much, investing your own feelings toward a certain art, and to be given the privilege of being a part of it. I mean, being a part it although you're the audience, in some passive visceral way, still puts you in the boundaries of being able to share that collective experience together with the artist. And I can't imagine anything else less gratifying.

I was secretly hoping that they would suck. Just to ground the whole idea of them as my personal super band. But no. Billy's guitar had this familiar voice, which I've heard countless times blasting through my speakers before. But this time, it was real. So heavy, so pure, and so real. Shit, they rocked. I have no idea how the band manages to recreate the depth of their sound, outside of the studio. I am just totally smitten. I'm on Craiglist now trying to find pit tickets for tomorrow's show. It's the last show of their tour. My new t-shirt says "Celebrating 20 Years of Sadness".

Thank you, Smashing Pumpkins for allowing me to know what it's like to feel, when you realize you love music.

Caught the Parson Redheads and Citay last night at the Tangier. Second time to see PRs, they're always a fun bunch. Citay is good shizz also, I love their sound!! Glad I pushed through going out, because there's nothing like live music..

Evan Way of Parson Redheads

Alexi Glickman of The Botticellis

Gave the dog another shower this morning. I tried some Avon stuff that the forums swore by, to get mats and tangles out. I can see how it would work, but I didn't dilute the solution enough and left the boy a bit too greasy. Had to rinse him out again to get rid of the gunk. I miss his hair :'c

Leaving for SF in a few minutes to catch the SF Outside Lands Festival, then coming back Sunday morning in time to catch Radiohead (again) play at the Bowl. Should be fun times :)

Caught The Little Ones at the Troubadour tonight. I saw them open for the Magic Numbers almost a year ago, and am glad to catch them headlining tonight at one of my favorite venues. Ra-Ra-Riots, opened for them and put on a really tight set as well.

As usual, everyone flaked - I still don't give a shit and will still watch gigs by myself because live music is and forever will be the last indulgence I would deny myself. Worddage!

Fa fa fa, fa fa fa fa, fa.

Dear Intarweb,

I am tired today. I got held up in the office because of some IT shenanigan happening across the Pacific. Had dinner extremely late, and whisked myself off to Spaceland where I wanted to catch Voxhaul Broadcast's last day of residency. No cover! I lucked out on a parking spot, but took me 40 minutes to snake through the line outside. When I got in, apparently I had just missed them and the last band Rumspringa was on. Not too bad. I tried to take pictures but my camera kept flashing "No CF Card" - I wonder what was wrong. Kind of hard to focus when you're doing things all by yourself :P

Before I left I bought VB's album, Rotten Apples, as a consolation prize.

Eagle Seagull


Eagle Seagull @ the Troubadour 032708. Very fun band from Nebraska! Definitely on the must-see-again list.

Took a flight to the bay area last weekend, and caught Helio Sequence at the Independent as part of the Noisepop Festival. Pleasantly surprised with the gig, in a really intimate setting, and great acts to boot. HS was pretty impressive live, and just sounded gigantic onstage despite being a two-piece. I was on antibiotics for the past few days to combat the stubborn cough, and therefore couldn't imbibe wonderful nectar of beer lest I destroy my liver, but still had a lot of fun nevertheless.

I rode the Vespa to catch my flight, and cut through rush hour traffic like a hot knife through butter. Got to the airport, and scored front-row parking right in front of the terminal for FREE. So let's see, saved an hour and a half on the commute, $30++ on parking fees, plus the time it takes to shuttle to/from outlier pay parking robbery structures. Wind on my face, the excitement of a throttle in hand, and mind engaged over subtleties of the experience (versus grappling with parking-lot-AKA-the-four-oh-five road rage). Vespa, I love you.


tamar @ the hotel cafe, 09.11.07

au revoir simone @ the troubadour.

hopped on the vespa last night to catch the magic numbers at the el rey in los angeles. awesome show! the surprise of the night for me was the little ones, who opened for them. i really enjoyed myself with their set, and am chalking them up on the must-see-again list.

alrighty. back to the hamster wheel, folks!

back full circle, to cook county where i was born. only two days left until the golden year of 25 is over!

caught travis last saturday at the vic theatre. thank god i found out about their gig last minute through the help of web 2.0 friends, going.com. travis is really awesome! really good venue, and the crowd was really receptive as well. not a lot of pretentiousness that you'd normally get in LA. seemed like everyone was genuinely enjoying the show, which is either the crowd that travis gets, or is a reflection of the awesomeness of chi town.



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